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Laws of Health 

Just like there are laws of nature (like gravity) there are also laws of health. If we follow these principles we are sure to reap rich rewards.

Awesome Attitude

With so many of us facing unprecedented losses and challenges, we must have an attitude of gratitude.

Pure Water

Almost all of our body’s complex processes rely upon water. We need pure water on the inside and outside to enjoy good health.

Invigorating Exercise

While most of us know that exercise is very important the reality is that few of us actually do it. Just do it!

Delicious Diet

Research shows us that the more whole plant foods we consume the better our overall health will be. Choose plants today!

Spectacular Sunshine

Sun brings life to nearly every living thing on the planet. Make sure you get enough of its golden rays.

True Temperance

It teaches us to enjoy the good things of life in moderation and completely avoid things that will harm us.

Energizing Air

The air we breath has a profound effect on our overall health. Do what you can to improve the quality of your “personal air” as well as the air around you.

Restorative Rest

Our 24/7 society often leaves us frazzled and exhausted. Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night, one day of rest per week, and regular vacations.

Fabulous Faith

Scientific research clearly shows us that people who have faith in God have stronger immune response, faster healing, and lower overall risk of death. 

Articles & Tips


Here are a few articles that we think you will find very helpful in your journey toward abundant health!

Free Recipe for a Great Fall Meal and New Volume of Videos

Free Recipe for a Great Fall Meal and New Volume of Videos

My new volume of videos—the 56th, if you can believe it!—is out now. In it, I discuss leaky gut, inflammation, the potato series I presented in a webinar a few months ago, and more. It is available as a streaming video so you can start watching it immediately. Each...

Does Cell Phone Radiation Affect Fertility?

Does Cell Phone Radiation Affect Fertility?

What is the effect of cell phone radiation on sperm motility and DNA damage? “Are men talking their reproductive health away?” There have been “unexplained declines in semen quality reported in several countries.” Might cell phones be playing a role? “Radio-frequency...

Fewer Than One in Ten Informed About Most Serious Downside of Mammograms

Fewer Than One in Ten Informed About Most Serious Downside of Mammograms

What do nine in ten women say they were never told about mammograms, even though they thought they had the right to know? “Fueled by economic conflicts of interest”—with the multibillion-dollar mammogram industry—“and good intentions…many women [are] being given...


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