Awesome Attitude


2020 has been very challenging for most of the world. People have lost jobs, loved ones, financial security, and so much more. Many have been isolated or separated from those they love due to various restrictions.

Suicide rates and depression are at an all time high as people grapple with the stresses of life. Do we have to succumb to the pressures around and within us?

The answer is NO! We can make it. Here is a list of 7 things you we do to develop and awesome attitude.

#1 – Count your blessings. Get in the habit of writing down or verbalizing blessings. Many people have found it beneficial to have a journal to chronicle what they are thankful for.

#2 – Listen to uplifting music. We have correctly heard that classical music (like Handel, Bach, Haydn, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn, etc.) has a wonderful way of relaxing and inspiring us.

#3 – Exercise in nature. The is nothing quite like the endorphin rush after a nice long walk or jog in nature. Develop the habit of regular exercise and your attitude is sure to improve.

#4 – Eat brain food. Foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids (like Flax & Chia seeds, and walnuts) are excellent for enhancing brain function and staving off depression. Berries, beets, avocados, whole grains, cruciferous vegetables , nuts and seeds are all great for the brain!

#5 – Pray and meditate on God’s word. Spending quality time with our Creator is a surefire way to calm our nerves as we understand that God is in total control of the events in this world and that in the end everything will turn out for our best good.

#6 – Help others. Actively helping others is a great way to help ourselves. Calling, texting, emailing, or even writing a letter to someone to encourage them will have a positive effect on us as well. Paying for someone’s groceries, making cookies for a neighbor, spending time with a younger person – all these and so many other activities will help us realize that others may be going through harder times than we are.

#7 – Be real. Trying to drown out the pain of life with media (TV, movies, video games) or addictive substances doesn’t bring lasting peace. The short lived excitement will soon wear away and leave us more empty than before. Let’s learn to be honest about the challenges of life and face them with a positive attitude.